orangetrac web portal

Manage your shipments effeciently

Analyze reports and gather shipment information that's important to know

Quickly inform your customers about their shipments and manage account activity


Use our online web portal that is accessible from any wifi locations, to review or manage your shipments. No downloads. No installation required.

Manage everything. From Anywhere.

Request and initiate pickups, generate OBOLs, manage shipments, monitor shipment status, analyze performance and other shipment data with OrangeTrac Web Portal.

product features

Pickup Request
Initiate a pickup request at your convenience.
Online BOL
Generate one or multiple Online Bill of Ladings with a few clicks.
Overview Stats
Stay informed with the status of your account.
Shipment Tracking
Know at all time the location of your shipments
Package Tracking
Instantly retrieve en-route tracking of individual or multiple packages, with a few clicks
Invoice Management
Review, download, print and manage all invoice activity
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Stay informed and manage all account activity in one place