orangeds canada direct

Ship ecommerce parcels into Canada

Multi-gateway ecommerce solution for Canada

Diversify the way you ship to Canada, to speedup delivery with our multi-gateway direct entry solution

product overview

Ecommerce Direct Injection

This service allows retail shippers a streamlined method, to ship from the United States into Canada. Our expedited service offering has two injection points into Canada, with tracking visibility. OrangeDS will manage the entire process from pickup, customs clearance, and injection into Canada.

Ground Transportation into Canada

Avoid the bottleneck at the border. Our ground service into Canada is an expedited service, that includes tracking to the consignees door. The direct injection points into Canada, are based on East Coast and West Coast entries to improve transit times.

Import into Canada

Our import into Canada service is inclusive of the following countries: U.S.A., United Kingdom, European Union, India, and South-East Asian Countries.

service options

OrangeDS Tracked Pro
Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)
Landed Cost Solution
Expedited Transit Times
Optimized Delivery Routes
Direct Entry
Payment Gateway Available
API Integration
Postal & Carrier Customs Clearance
OrangeDS Tracked Plus
Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU)
Expedited & Budget Transit Times
Customized Routings
Direct Entry
Payment Gateway Available
API Integration
Postal & Carrier Customs Clearance
OrangeDS Basic
Limited Tracking
Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU)
Expedited & Budget Transit Times
Postal & Carrier Customs Clearance

service levels

2 to 8
delivery days
7 to 10
delivery days

weight & dimensions

Max. Length
Max. Girth
Max. Weight
pounds (lbs.)
Flexible Pickup Times
Schedule pickups at flexible business hours through OrangeTrac Web Portal
Online BOL
Create Bill of Lading in minutes through OrangeTrac Web Portal
Canada Post Door Delivery
Lastmile delivery through Canada Post, the largest ecommerce shipper in the country
Cost Reduction
Enjoy reduced postal rates, due to our work-share partnership with the largest Postal Authority in Canada
Expedited Induction
We induct your shipments into Canada Post facilities within 24 hours
Reliable Customer Service
We respond to your inquiries in a timely manner during normal business hours. We will respond within 12 hours if you have contacted us during off-hours.
Dedicated Account Management
We assign a dedicated Accounts Manager who handles all your shipment inquiries and keeps you updated
Executive Level Involvement
Have concerns you wanna discuss with our Executive Team, our Customer Satisfaction Manager will setup a call for you within hours of your request
Easy Shipment Management
Manage and track all your shipments and packages effeciently through OrangeTrac Web Portal
Service Measurement Analysis
Analyze OrangeDS Service and get detailed statistics of our service performance on OrangeTrac Web Portal

Value Added Benefits

Additional value you receive by choosing OrangeDS Canada Direct

En-route tracking available

No need to feed the postage meter

Ease of use integration

Reports reconciliation

No accessorial fees

Returns Service Available

Email notifications (SMS notifications coming soon)

Expedited transit times

Pre-Customs Clearance

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)

Automate your shipping with OrangeDS API

Do more in less time

additional discounts apply on first two shipments

plus other incentives may apply
Avoid the bottleneck at the border, our direct entry service has been proven to speed up delivery