Sell Easy with Orange EasyShop Solution.

Create an enjoyable shopping experience for your global consumers by providing
Localized & Secure Payment Options with transparent Fully Landed Costs.

Orange eCommerce EasyShop

Simply integrate our International Shipping solution into your shopping cart, to provide your consumers an easy shopping experience with localized payment options.

Orange eCommerce EasyShop


Consumer adds product to their shopping cart

Consumer chooses the international checkout

International consumer is presented with the global checkout page to Finalize Checkout

Order review and payment

Confirmation and Thank You Message. Email confirmation

Fraud Screening and Payment processing

We pick-up or receive the packages from the merchant

OrangeDS will consolidate all orders and apply customs documentation

OrangeDS will provide en-route tracking

OrangeDS will coordinate delivery to the consumer’s doorstep

OrangeDS will make sure that your consumers are satisfied, via a consumer satisfaction survey