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product overview

Press & Publications Distribution

Ship your magazines, journals, and newsletters, cost-effectively through our worldwide distribution network. OrangeDS Publications help publishers and distributors reach global readers, on-time with reliable mailing solutions.

Deliver Your Stories To Millions

There are many stories to be read throughout the world, OrangeDS has the experience in preparing and distributing magazines, journals and other reading materials to global readers. We are prepared to share your stories and ideas with a reliable service, at a reduced cost.

service options

OrangeDS Global Basic
Limited Tracking
Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU)
Expedited & Budget Transit Times
Customized Routings
Direct Injection
USPS Endicia Applicable
Destination Country Endicia Applicable
Postal Customs Clearance
Parcel Insurance Available

service levels

3 to 8
delivery days
7 to 14
delivery days

weight & dimensions

Max. Length
Max. Height
Max. Weight
pounds (lbs.)
Flexible Pickup Times
Schedule pickups at flexible business hours through OrangeTrac Web Portal
Online BOL
Create Bill of Lading in minutes through OrangeTrac Web Portal
Reliable Door Delivery
Lastmile delivery through local postal authorities or carrier agents
Cost Reduction
Enjoy reduced shipping rates due to our work-share partnerships with Postal Authorities and Carrier Agents
Expedited Induction
We induct international shipments into destination countries within 24-48 hours
Professional Customer Service
We respond to your inquiries in a timely manner during normal business hours. We will respond within 12 hours if you have contacted us during off-hours.
Dedicated Account Management
We assign a dedicated Account Manager who manages all of your shipment inquiries and keeps you updated
Executive Level Involvement
If you would like to speak with a Executive Team Member, our Customer Satisfaction Manager will setup a call or meeting, in a timely manner
Easy Shipment Management
Manage and track all your shipments and packages effeciently through OrangeTrac Web Portal
Reports Management
Generate volume reports by country via OrangeTrac Web Portal

Value Added Benefits

Additional value you receive by choosing OrangeDS International Business Mail

Select country direct injection

Saturday delivery

Postal and Carrier customs clearance

Postal and Carrier rate options

Bulk mail discounts applicable

No mail metering required

Hand Delivery and Mailbox delivery

No mail sortation required

Automate your shipping with OrangeDS API

Do more in less time

additional discounts apply on first two shipments

plus other incentives may apply
Stories need to be read, use OrangeDS reliable service, to deliver to your global readers