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Ecommerce with OrangeDS

If you are a shipper, that ships 100 to 10,000+ parcels per day, we could help optimize your shipping process and reduce costs with our customized solutions, that will meet your needs. Our customized volume discounts will reduce your costs, and in turn will lead to more sales orders.

Ship Anything Ecommerce

Shipping fashion apparels? Shipping consumer electronics? Shipping sports goods? Shipping pharmaceuticals and supplements? Imagine any goods allowed for ecommerce trade, we can transport cross-borders or import into the U.S. Domestic postal stream for lastmile delivery, at optimized cost with varied levels of transit-times.

ecommerce products

OrangeDS Ecommerce EasyShop

Simply integrate our EasyShop Solution into your ecommerce website, to provide your consumers with an easy shopping experience with localized and secure payment options.

International Ecommerce Parcels

Expand your business beyond the borders with our cross-border ecommerce solutions. Ship to 220+ countries with aggressive international shipping rates.

U.S. Domestic Ecommerce Parcels

We offer multiple levels of services with our OrangeDS U.S. Domestic ecommerce solutions. If you ship ecommerce parcels under a pound, parcels over a pound, bound printed matter and need a reliable service at a reduced cost, we can customize our solutions to satisfy your needs. Tracking is available for select products.
explore the ecommerce products above, or schedule a call with our Sales Representative, who can help you find the right solution for your ecommerce shipping needs